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Making a referral

For individuals

We accept referrals from individuals.  If you want to self-refer please Get in touch with our team>>.

For professionals

The following forms should only be completed by a professional. These are NOT FOR SELF-REFERRAL. Please consult the guidance below, and if you have any questions, contact us at

To refer a victim/survivor of domestic abuse to us for support:

Complete the Safelives DASH risk assessment. If any of the criteria for a referral to MARAC are met (set out in the guidelines at the start of the DASH questions), then the remainder of a MARAC referral must be completed and uploaded to SharePoint (you should have a lead/designated officer with access to SharePoint, but if not please email the referral form to . The referral is then be allocated to a Bridges IDVA.

If none of the MARAC criteria is met, but support is required to complete the remainder of the Bridges referral. Section 5 needs to be completed if applying for refuge accommodation at Ruffley House. Please email the completed referral to If you are solely applying for Refuge accommodation, please ring 0161 339 8755 or 0800 328 0967 to see who the referral should be sent to.

Any case without a completed DASH will likely be returned for completion – this can result in a delay in any support being offered to a client/family.

Bridges Referral Form


MARAC Referral Form

For children impacted by domestic abuse, please complete the CHIDVA referral form>> and email to

If you are a victim/survivor of domestic abuse and would like to access support from us please call us on 0161 331 2552 / 0800 328 0967 or email us at and we will arrange for a member of our team to speak with you.

For those causing harm:

Please visit: and complete the online referral (professional or self-referral accepted).

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