Help for those causing harm

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What are unhealthy behaviours?

It’s normal to have disagreements and get into arguments with your partner from time to time. If you’re causing your partner physical or frequent emotional harm, it’s time to seek help.

An unhealthy behaviour is a direct action that intimidates your partner and makes them feel scared or anxious. It could be hitting, kicking, shouting, criticising them, or subjecting them to emotional or financial abuse. It could be preventing them from seeing friends or family.

Unhealthy behaviours may be motivated by feelings that aren’t normal in a relationship, such as extreme jealousy and anger.

How can we help?

We hold one-to-one sessions and peer support groups, where people motivate each other to change. Our facilitators offer positive challenge and support without making judgements about how you’ve treated your partner, or what motivated your behaviours.

We encourage story-sharing and cover topics such as trust, negotiation, sexual respect, and child-centred parenting.

Our peer support programme is accredited by national organisation Respect.

Who can we help?

We currently run peer support groups for men who have relationships with women. We run a one-to-one support programme for women who have relationships with men, and tailored programmes for people who identify as LGBTQIA+ or do not speak English as their first language.

If you attend a behaviour change programme, your current partner or ex-partner can receive free, integrated support in the form of talking therapy or anything we’re able to deliver that makes them feel comfortable. It’s voluntary and completely flexible depending on their preferences.

How to refer:

Visit – to complete the online referral.

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